Arguments on the revision petition by Salman Khan against his five-year sentence in a Chinkara poaching case of 1998 concluded today after which the High Court reserved the order. 

The case relates to the killing of Chinkara at Mathania on September 28-29, 1998. The defence had started arguments in this case on April 5 and after completion of the same, the prosecution has started arguments on May 10.

b’Salman Khan | Source: PTI’

 During the argument, Additional Advocate General K L Thakur had cited the FSL reports of the tyre marks and treads of the vehicle allegedly used in poaching. Thakur had also cited the reports of the blood soaked soil taken from the alleged spot of poaching and cleaning of the carcass to claim that it was Chinkara.

 The prosecution summarized its arguments stating that neither were the statements of its witness Harish Dulani incorrect nor any evidence was planted as claimed by the defence. The defence had alleged that both the arms and the pellets had been planted.

 The prosecution also challenged the acquittal of a co-accused Goverdhan Singh, who was also a witness and had led Khan to Ujalia Bhakar for poaching. He was sentenced to one year by the trial court but was acquitted by the appellant court. 

b’Source: PTI’

Before this, the arguments on another petition by Khan challenging one-year sentence in a case of poaching of two chinkaras at Bhawad on September 26-27, 1998 had been completed on March 16. 

The order for the same has also been kept reserved by the High Court. Thakur said the hearing on both the petitions was completed in 6 months and the order of both of them will be pronounced together by the High Court anytime soon.