There’s a lot that we’re hearing about Tiger 3 – and while the craze is real, these may not all be good things. The film stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in the primary roles. There’s also a significant cameo by Shah Rukh Khan, as Pathaan. The spy universe is definitely the highlight of all the films IN IT.

Salman Khan

Ever since the release, there’s noticeable discourse and reaction around the film. However, a lot of it can be driven from the bias that comes from the actor’s fan following. Salman Khan and ‘the bhai effect’ can definitely be very consuming, and so, we need to look at things objectively.

Tiger 3

Understandably, the film has elements that are nice and fun, and those deserve acknowledgment. The setting and action sequences are an example. However, some things need to be said – from a cinematic point of view. Salman Khan’s lack of effort and range, for one.

The internet has opinions on this, and we must take note.

Clearly, not all is well.