Salman Khan – one of the most popular action stars of India – is stepping into the world of close combat sports with his upcoming movie, Sultan. 

Salman plays a wrestler who later switches to Mixed Martial Arts. And he is leaving no stone unturned in his preparation as a fighter. 

And knowing Salman, he’ll want only the best in the business to help him get into the skin of a professional fighter. 

We dug up into his preparations and found out that Hans Marrero is the man training Salman for his upcoming film, Sultan

Marrero might be new to India but he has done some extensive work in Hollywood. He has worked on some great close combat movies like Creed, Warrior, Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown and many other action films in the West.

He has also worked on various TV shows like Jessica Jones, The Blacklist, Elementary, Person of Interest, The Following etc.

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Just so you know him better, he is a trained Mixed Martial Artist.

He’s an avid fitness enthusiast and his look for Sultan proves that!

During his visit, he made sure that he met India’s local mud pit fighters and encourage local talent.

You can almost feel the adrenaline rush, watching this guy train for his role.

Looks like Salman Khan couldn’t have asked for a better action trainer!

Welcome to Bollywood, Hans!