Saloni Gaur, a 20-year-old Delhi University student, is now a social media sensation, thanks to her popular for her viral character Nazma Aapi. Going by this name, she creates videos about the trending issues and her funny take even on serious issues has gained her thousands of followers on social media.

Recently, Saloni shared a hilarious parody video of her mimicking actor Kangana Ranaut on Valentine’s Day.

Wearing a curly hair wig, she begins by introducing herself as Padma Shri Kangana Ranuat.

She goes on to say that even after dating Raja Awasthi for so many years, she has never wished him Valentine’s Day, because usse toh yeh concept samajh hi nahi aata hai.

Midway through the video, she talks about the mention of Valentine’s Day in Mahabharata. According to her, it doesn’t make sense to celebrate Valentine’s Day if it has not been mentioned in the Mahabharata.

Aajkal Mahabharata ka bahot zikr karte hai. Toh main poochna chahungi kya aapko Mahabharata mein kabhi Valentine’s Day ka koi zikr mila? Nahi mila na. Toh jab Mahabharata mein nahi hai toh isse bharat mein to banna hi nahi chahiye.

If you remember, recently, commenting on Saif Ali Khan’s statement about his film Tanhaji, Kangana Ranuat had said:

If there was no Bharat then what was Mahabharat? That 5,000-year-old text that was written, what was it? Sri Krishna was in Mahabharat. So there was a Bharat.

Later in the video, she also talks about a group which gets couples forcefully married on Valentine’s Day.

Jab aap bhaag kar shaadi kar sakte hai toh aise bhi kar lijiye. Itna thrill toh life mein hona hi chahiye. Warna kya fayda ha phir zindagi ka. Marr jaana hi accha hai.

Netizens are loving the video and the comic’s humour and impression.

Previously, Gaur had shared a parody video of Kangana Ranaut reviewing her recent movie Panga. Her videos on socially relevant social issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act and Delhi pollution also went viral on the Internet.

Apart from Nazma Aapi, Saloni also plays other hilarious characters like Kusum Behenji and Asha Behenji in her other videos.