There’s no doubt that being famous isn’t an easy task since you are always in the limelight. And recently, influencers Samay Raina and Raj Shamani were definitely under the spotlight with their apparent feud over Twitter.

For the uninitiated, Samay Raina was the co-winner of the stand-up comedy contest Comicstaan Season 2. During the global pandemic, he started streaming chess games along with several fellow comedians and chess masters. On the other hand, Raj Shamani started his career as a motivational speaker at the tender age of 16.

On March 17th, Samay Raina ended up roasting Raj Shamani in a series of tweets that soon caught Twitterati’s attention.

Even Raj Shamani gave it back to Samay Raina with a hilarious tweet.

While some people were thoroughly enjoying the fight, others were wondering what the feud was all about.

However, it shocked everyone when the stand-up comedian revealed that it was all a marketing stunt for an upcoming collaboration between him and the motivational speaker.

This is how netizens reacted to this information:

Ah, Twitter is a fun place!