In the age of social media where all our socially labeled “flaws” and “imperfections” can be concealed by a ton of filters and apps, Sameera Reddy recently opened up about what it is like to be REAL in a bubble that demands perfection. 

In a recent gathering, Sameera Reddy fiercely spoke about the unseen, “imperfect” face of motherhood. From body-shaming, postpartum depression and anxiety. Not only that, she also called out society for always expecting women especially mothers to be perfect, instead of letting them be who they are. 

Going back to the past, she started the talk by telling us how she was always an overweight child who starved herself to death to look the way she used to and be the “perfect” version of herself. She then told us what it was like when she was expecting her first baby: 

I got pregnant and I had this vision in my head. I really, desperately wanted to be the cool mom who would have a really slim body and a bump. And it was nothing like that. 

Bedridden for 8 months during her pregnancy and pumped  hormone shots, she told the audience the bitter truth of how “disconnected” she felt to her own child after giving birth. She took a long time to get comfortable with her baby before she could hold him in her arms:

Opening up about the natural yet unspoken face of motherhood, Sameera normalised the concept of post- partum depression amidst her audience and addressed how there’s not enough chatter or awareness around this issue: 

Struggling with being a new mom and trying to do everything the right way, Sameera had no shame in accepting that even though she was well prepared and everything was ready for the baby, she was still feeling like she wasn’t ready. 

Finding beauty in imperfections through her own narratives, she encouraged people to not give a shit about soceitel pressure and be their own true selves.

After making peace with her body and working hard on her anxiety and post-partum, she finally decided to have her second child. Wearing her stretchmarks as a battle scar, she said something very inspiring: 

Celebrate your flaws, celebrate your failures and celebrate your body. Literally enjoy it because you know you have one life. 

Watch the full video here: