As exciting as it may sound, preparing for competitive exams can be tough and it becomes worse in the absence of right guidance. Every aspirant needs someone to guide them through the struggles of subjects and life. Or in other words, all of us need a Sandeep Bhaiya to steer us past everything.

TVF’s latest show Aspirants is being hailed by the audience for brilliant dialogues, storyline and songs apart from the actors and characters. And one character that has won everybody’s hearts is that of Sandeep Bhaiya. After being in the UPSC preparation for 4 years, he is that senior everyone looks up to and derives inspiration from, especially Abhilash. The good thing is he never disappoints.

1. He gives Abhilash his first lesson in avoiding distractions while preparing for UPSC when Abhilash asks him why he still uses radio for listening to the news instead of mobile phone.

2. He bursts Abhilash’s bubble and makes him realise the importance of coaching because nobody gives free guidance in UPSC preparation.

When Abhilash introduces himself to Sandeep bhaiya for the first time, he tries to impress him, expecting free guidance from a senior who cleared UPSC Mains twice. But Sandeep bhaiya rejects his thoughts outrightly.

Later, when Abhilash tries to explain what he meant by guidance, Sandeep bhaiya asks him to join coaching in a sarcastic manner.

3. He asks some uncomfortable questions to Abhilash and forces him to brainstorm and come up with a unique reason as to why he wants to become an IAS officer?

When everyone around Abhilash starts questioning his dream of becoming an IAS officer, he feels demotivated. Sandeep bhaiya understands his situation and put some important questions in his mind.

4. Unlike others, Sandeep bhaiya guides Abhilash and helps him decide the optional subject.

Abhilash wants to change his optional subject for Mains. For someone giving his last attempt, this is rare and daring. While everyone else confuses him more, Sandeep bhaiya reasons with him so that he can figure out what’s right. After this, Abhilash chooses the subject he always wanted to.

5. Sandeep bhaiya scolds Abhilash when he misses an IAS officer’s seminar at his coaching.

Abhilash comes to Sandeep bhaiya asking for a favour so that he can get his coaching fees refunded. While Sandeep agrees to help as he understands the value of money, he also asks Abhilash to not miss the ongoing seminar at coaching.

When Abhilash continues to argue and shows disinterest in attending the seminar and says that the coaching institute will provide a recording of the same, Sandeep bhaiya convinces him to go with this amazing example.

6. He doesn’t shy away from speaking about his fears and insecurities to Abhilash when the two face the dilemma of not having a plan B.

7. Thanks to his questions, Abhilash finally realises why he wants to become an IAS and what makes him the right candidate.

This also instills confidence in Sandeep as he feels that if he can change Abhilash, he can surely change the system as an officer.

8. When Sandeep bhaiya meets Abhilash after 6 years, he gives him the greatest lesson of forgiveness by talking about the mistakes he made.

Sandeep bhaiya cleared state PSC exam and met Abhilash in his office. When the two talked about life in the last 6 years, they had the greatest conversation of their lives. Sandeep tells him how he lost Kusum due to his selfish nature and while he may have become a civil servant, he still feels empty without her.

Abhilash who still idolized Sandeep, refuses to agree. This is when Sandeep bhaiya teaches him the lesson of forgiveness, following which Abhilash realises his mistake and learns to let go.

The character of Sandeep bhaiya left a great impact on us. Who is your Sandeep bhaiya? Tag them in comments below and tell them how much they mean to you.