We can keep talking about Animal with the hope that the director and actors acknowledge the irresponsibility associated with it. Let’s just face it – that won’t happen. Sandeep Reddy Vanga and the artists are hell bent on protecting the film and its intent. In doing so, they even dismiss what people have to say about the film, if the opinion isn’t applauding it.


So yes, you can have an opinion on Animal, but only if you have good things to say. The director made this very clear in a recent interview where he talks about unfair criticism. According to him, critics who are critiquing the film are “illiterate and uneducated when it comes to films.” The director also added that people should talk about the sound design and other elements.

He also said that critics and other people are monetizing off of his work, which feels like he is giving himself too much importance. The director is also offended that people are calling out the film and not wanting to watch it. “It’s shameful,” he says. So, Sandeep Reddy Vanga hates that we don’t like the film, but we can’t say anything.

“They say, it’s a 3-hour torture, which is a shameful thing to say. How can you do that?”

Sandeep Reddy Vanga

I’d say more, but there is no point. If a director questions people’s ability and dismisses their work, like calling a critic uneducated, then there is not much one can expect. There is no scope.