It was during the 2018 Golden Globes that Hollywood very prominently raised its voice against the prevalent sexism that existed in the entertainment industry, even after more than 90 years of movie evolution. 

Remember Natalie Portman’s 6 iconic words?

Perhaps it is perfect then, that Oscars 2018 has kept on the trend. And Sandra Bullock, who hit the red carpet after a long break, made an amazing comeback with her  nomination announcement:

It’s great that Sandra Bullock, whose return to Oscars left her fans thrilled, and whose wit left the audience laughing, took her moment on stage to highlight Oscars’ new found spirit of inclusion.

She also had a Practical Magic reunion (20 years after the release of the movie) with Nicole Kidman, leaving Twitterati emotional.  

Sandra Bullock proves it, that when it comes to supporting women, no one does it better than the original Miss Congeniality.