If you’ve watched Squid Game, you probably have realised that Sang-Woo has some critical levels of pettiness. I mean, from being in awe of his charisma to disgust him when he betrayed Ali, we have enough reasons to hate Sang-Woo. 

But hey, doesn’t he give you a big time class topper vibe? The self-obsessed guy wearing glasses right on the first bench of the class? 

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Well, we have observed enough instances to prove that Sang-Woo from Squid Game is a typical class topper you hate and it all makes sense. Keep reading.

1. He’s aware of the important questions before exams but doesn’t share with his pals.

Remember when Sang-Woo got a hint about the Honeycomb task from Sae-Byeok and went on to pick the simplest shape? But hey, did he warn his friend Gi-Hun from choosing an umbrella? Nope, why would he?


2. If someone else wins in the game and not him, it’s definitely cheating. 

Of course, it can’t be a fair game if the game is won by someone other than the genius. So instead, you alter the rules and manipulate the other player to your benefit, right? Dear Ali, we are still mourning your death.

3. He takes sole credit of a group project’s success. 

Yes, Tug-of-war was a huge deal that kept us hooked. In the end, the team’s success was due to a ‘collective’ effort. However, Sang-woo boasting about how ‘he’ pulled the squad through the game didn’t sit well with us. 

4. He hates strong competitors.

Sang-Woo was well aware that Sae-Byeok was the strongest of the top three and his survival would be at stake if she appears in the final game. Not much to our surprise, he took the advantage of her vulnerable condition a night before and murdered her conveniently.

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