The Internet is a world that never forgets. You cannot erase your past here. You might think people have forgotten and that shit has been swept under the carpet, but it’s only a matter of time before someone, somewhere unearths evidence, proving how much of a douche you were, back in the day. 

Recently, a rather sexist ad by Sanjay Dutt for Haywards 5000 was unearthed and laid bare for the whole world to watch. The video begins with Sanju Baba saying, “There is a new kind of dushman in our lives and we have to unite to fight against it.” Now when he says this, you could be forgiven for thinking he’s talking about terrorists and rapists, right? 


Here’s the ad for context:


Throughout the video, Sanju Baba is talking about how men who have long hair and shave their legs and wax their chests have taken over the world (well, mostly India) in an evil plot to overthrow the men who are the actual mards of society. He goes on to describe how men these days are wearing pink and purple shirts, basically clothes like behenjis. And how men are using lotions like behenjis. And here I was thinking that lotions were gender-neutral! What a fool I was! 

Oh, and I almost forgot. He goes on to say how men now want to cook and take care of babies. Which is basically being a nice human being and lending some help to their wives who are equally burdened with work. But, no! According to Sanjay Dutt, these men are the pestilence that have sent a whole generation rogue. It has debilitated the manliness of the men in India and has brought about a plague of sorts. 

Like this is so manly, right? 

I wonder if Sanju Baba realised that while he was delivering this wonderful rant written by some nincompoop, he too was once one of these very men. The one with long hair and waxed chest. With lotion and oil dripping down his waxed chest. Wearing pink, purple and all sorts of colourful shirts. Remember that, Mr Dutt?


Before I spoil all the fun there is in listening to Sanjay Dutt and his ‘wonderful’ rant, why don’t you watch the video here: