The phenomenon is pretty rare where you are on cordial terms with an ex. It means getting over each other, moving on, and still being there as friends, respecting each other’s choices, and knowing that what you shared once need not be thrown to waste because things did not go as you had planned. Times change, people change, but not all love needs to be lost, right?

Amidst all this, we have Sapna Bhavnani. A celebrity hairstylist and known to be a committed feminist, she’s setting new rules about respecting boundaries, privacy, and not to forget – beaming positivity. She took to Instagram to post an image with her boyfriends past, talking about the experience of going to a wedding of an ex-lover, with two other exes, and it’s the positive message we hardly ever get.


In a world that’s waiting to tear to shreds anything that can be made a troll of, this message of love and respect goes a long way. Her message read,

When you travel with your ex husband and your ex boyfriend to attend the wedding of your other ex boyfriend! Love never ends even though relationships do. This is life. How wonderful. ❤️
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Thank you, woman! This one’s going a long, long way.