Celebrities can be real A-holes. Make no mistake, it’s a personal decision not to be a raving piece of shit. It’s just that sometimes, nobody tells them these little things. 

1. Sara Ali Khan recently posted a video on social media where she pushes one of her staffers into the pool as a prank. 

Sara Ali Khan is seen pushing her spot girl, Jharu into the pool. While it might have seemed like an innocent prank to her, it’s obviously not, at least not until Jharu could have done the same to her without risking her livelihood. 

2. Lady Gaga was sued by her assistant Jennifer O’Neill for her bad and notoriously weird behaviour, which included Gaga forcing her to sleep in the same bed as her for 7 days a week. 

I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her. Because she did not sleep alone.

-Jennifer O’Neill

O’Neill had also told testified that she had felt like she had to sleep on Gaga’s bed, even though there was nothing sexual between them, just to keep her job. The singer would also often wake her up in the middle of the night to switch her DVDs.


3. Naomi Campbell was once sued for hitting her maid with her phone. 

Campbell had claimed that it was an accident, apologised and even plead guilty to the charge. 

I had an apartment at 500 Park Avenue. Ana Scolavino was an employee of mine. During the morning of March 30, 2006, I threw a cellphone in the apartment. The cellphone hit Ana. That was an accident because I did not intend to hit her. I am advised that Ana was hurt, and I am sorry about that.”

-Naomi Campbell


4. Sharone Stone has been accused by her employees of being racist. 

Sharone Stone got sued by her housekeeper because she claimed that Stone was racist toward her. Erlinda Elemen was fired by Stone after the actress had discovered that Elemen had been paid overtime when she hadn’t worked overtime. Elemen claimed that Stone would call Filipino people stupid and wouldn’t even allow her to speak to her kids because she didn’t want them to sound like her. 

Because abuses in overtime pay are common for household employees it seems ironic that Ms. Stone initially did the right thing and paid Mrs. Elemen overtime wages and then terminated her for accepting those same wages

-Solomon Gresen, Elemen’s lawyer

The New Indian Express

5. Jennifer Lopez was sued by her driver because she allowed her manager to abuse him. 

Hakob Manoukian was a driver with his own company in 2005 when Lopez asked him to shut his company and drive exclusively for her. This was until he had to spend time with Lopez’s manager Benny Medina, who he claimed misbehaved with him and cussed him in public. He claimed that he was forced to resign due to Medina and then sued Lopez. 


6. Vanessa Bryant allegedly made her former help stick her hand in a bag of dog poop. 

Bryant was sued by Maria Jimenez, her former help for mental stress. Jiminez had also claimed that Bryant was always verbally abusive towards her calling her “lazy, dumb, slow, a f**king liar and f**king shit.”

She Knows

7. Ellen DeGeneres is notorious for treating her employees from The Ellen Show badly. 

According to reports, former employees have claimed that “Ellen has an ugly, dark side and a temper like you wouldn’t believe.” Who would have thought people aren’t like the characters they portray on TV? 

LA Times

8. Tiger Woods would allegedly force people he would be dining with to leave the restaurant when he pleased, irrespective of if they had finished their food or not. 

Hank Haney, Woods’ former coach calls him a total jerk. He also revealed that the golfer is a bad tipper and would often not tip at all. 


9. Madonna’s former staffers have alleged that the Queen of Pop is often overbearing, asking them to be available 24/7. 

This is probably what led to 5 of her staff members quitting the job within 7 days in 2009. During the same time, one chauffeur, two nannies, and two personal assistants also left the musician. 


10. While Bollywood celebrities’ behaviour with their staff is not widely reported on or is spoken about, the fact that housekeeping service providers like BookMyBai issued a blanket ban on B-Town celebs speaks a lot louder.  

In a blog post on the sites page, it is alleged that at least 20 cases of extreme exploitation, non-payment of salary and service charge, mistreatment of the maids, unduly long hours and even physical abuse of the household help had forced the portal’s hands. 

Book My Bai

Wow, all that open defecation in the country and somehow these are biggest a**holes.