Vicky Kaushal’s Sardar Udham was snubbed for Oscars because an Indian jury found the film to be portraying “hatred for the British.” In light of this event, we compiled a list of other movies that have successfully won an Oscar/ multiple Oscars despite portraying hatred for something or the other.

1. Django Unchained won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay while portraying “hatred for white people.”

Indie Wire

2. Schindler’s List won 7 Oscars while showing “hatred for what Germans did.”

Universal Pictures

3. Get Out won an Oscar despite its “hatred for white people.”

Bitch Media

4. Inglorious Basterds was nominated in 8 categories for the Oscars and won one for its story of “hatred for Germany.”

5. Black Hawk Down won two Academy Awards despite its “hatred for Somalia.”

The Cinemaholic

6. Gladiator bagged 5 Oscars despite its very violent theme of “hatred for Rome.”


7. American Sniper won an Oscar despite having recurring themes of “hatred for the Middle East.”


8. Hacksaw Ridge took home two Oscars for its theme of “hatred for Japan.”


9. Argo won 3 Oscars, including Best Picture despite its theme of ”hatred for Tehran.”


10. Avatar was nominated for 9, and won 3 Oscars despite its story of “hatred for America.”


Well, unfortunately, Sardar Udham won’t be a part of this list because it portrayed HaTrEd FoR tHe BrItIsH.