Desi dadis are sweethearts to begin with. While most of them are cool, some are savage AF. No matter which family they are a part of, grandmothers are always pro at oozing swag. For the ones, who are living with their dadis, will surely relate to this.

Bollywood has been showering us with different versions of grandmothers over the years. Today, let’s give savage dadis a big round of applause, who not only added a fun element to the scripts, some of them also showed how progressive that age group has become. Of course, with a pinch of humour.

So, let’s meet these 8 savage dadis of Bollywood:

1. Vicky Donor-waali dadi

A still from Vicky Donor

The Biji from Vicky Donor was chill and savage AF. From enjoying drink with bahu to shielding grandchild with pados-waali aunty ke taane, this Punjabi dadi did it all. Remember when Vicky’s neighbour aunty lashed out at him on terrace saying, “padosi na hota na to khainch ke maarti thi.” On this, Biji was like:

Maar ke toh vekh. Mai tere paani ki pipeline hi cut kardeni hai….Aayi hai waddi Indian Idol.


2. Namastey London-waali dadi

A still from Namastey London

This bebe from Namastey London was quite obsessed with ghee. She had several savage dialogues in her short role which surely entertained us. Remember when Jazz was having lunch at her house in Punjab, here’s what bebe said about adding ghee to her chapattis:

Aur is jazz ko isko toh aur achche se daal, dekh mari padi hai.


3. Badhaai Ho-waali dadi

A still from Badhaai Ho

This dadi (Durgamati) from Badhaai Ho was a savage queen. While initially, Durgamati was shocked with her middle-aged bahu getting pregnant, later she made sure that the latter is respected by everyone. Durgamati’s dialogues in the whole film was savage, just like this one when she was having a conversation with her son:

Yu to bachcho ka kaam hota hai naam roshan karna. Tune to apne bachcho ko mauka hi nhi dia. Main to Nakul ko joke kare thi ki teri god me balak dekhna chahu. Teri bahu ne to serious lelia dikhe.


Also, how can anyone forget when Durgamati scolded her own daughter and elder daughter-in-law after they shamed the younger bahu for late pregnancy? Savage AF.

4. Raid-waali dadi

A still from Raid

This Amma ji from Raid was the desiest dadi at her peak. Remember when Income Tax Deputy Commissioner Amay Patnaik was being assaulted by a woman at Tauji’s house, the dadi saw it and indirectly came to the rescue in her savage style. She was like:

Kya nain-matakka chal raha hai?…Mai sab samjhti hoon. Ye baal dhoop mein nahin safed hue hain…Arey teri toh jeebh mai koyle se maajungi.

-Amma ji

5. Devdas-waali dadi

A still from Devdas

This Badimaa in Devdas was cute, savage, and Dev’s partner-in-crime. From watching Paro and Dev from binoculars to showing him kangans for his to-be-wife, badimaa stole the limelight in her short-lived sequence. Remember when Dev and Badimaa teased badi bahu and jointly said:

Neem ke patte ko shahad mein dubao tab bhi wo kadwa hi rehta hai.


6. Sardar Ka Grandson-waali dadi

A still from Sardar Ka Grandson

This Sardar from Sardar Ka Grandson was another savage grandmother that we watched on-screen. From drinking liquor to her suar ke bachche moments, Amreek Singh’s dadi oozed swag like a star. Despite having tumour, she made us laugh out loud with her savage dialogues. Watch this hilarious clip for the same.

7. Saand Ki Aankh-waali dadi

A still from Saand Ki Aankh

Prakashi Tomar, the sharpshooter dadi in Saand Ki Aankh was quite savage. Her outburst in a scene as she along with Chandro Tomar challenged the patriarchs of the house to compete in the game was proof of it. Prakashi making her husband sit while she wasn’t finished talking was one such savage moment. She was like:

Aye, kay hai? Paresani hai? Beth ja. Paresani hai toh akhade mein muqabla kara le sae teri nishane baazi ka.

-Prakashi Tomar

8. Gulabo Sitabo-waali dadi

A still from Gulabo Sitabo

This dadi (Fatima Begum) from Gulabo Sitabo truly stole the show despite having short role. From celebrating her 95th birthday while donning sunglasses like queen to not giving the power of attorney to Mirza, the husband, Fatima had many savage moments. Remember when she covered her hands with bandages to avoid giving him the fingerprints and didn’t say a word? Dayum!

Which one is your favourite?