The lockdown has us finding comfort in beautiful, soft and fluffy Korean dramas. And let’s not forget the gorgeous men in them. Our latest crush? Hyun Bin, the actor whose stoic yet innocent facial expressions became the stuff of dreams after Crash Landing On You. 

Can you imagine a world in which we didn’t get to see Captain Ri in that flattering uniform? His strong arms are holding us together in the pandemic. 

Playing the role of Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, a reserved yet gentle captain in the North Korean Army, we fell in love with him the second her smiled at Yoon Se-ri. And even gave her a place to hide. And then he followed her to South Korea and we knew we’d been rooting for the right man all along! Oops, spoilers. 

But it’s not like we didn’t love the actor before. The 37-year-old who looks like he’s 20, has been in the industry for 17 years. And he won our hearts long ago when he played the mysterious gigolo Hoon in the English-language film, Late Autumn. Or was it when he played the arrogant Kim Joo-won in Secret Garden?

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Despite taking a break to serve in the military for 21 months, it didn’t in any way change the charisma he emits on-screen. His comeback was just as strong, from Confidential Assignment and The Swindlers to playing the villain for the first time in The Negotiation. Have you ever seen a villain with dimples that gorgeous? It’s illegal.  

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LA Times

With each role completely different from the other he chooses to play on-screen, he makes us fall in love all over again. Which side of Hyun Bin do you think is the most attractive? Because we honestly can’t pick.