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Take The Risk & Find Out If Ishq Hai With This 'Scam 1992' Quiz

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Sony Liv's Scam 1992 is receiveing a lot of love from viewers. The web series based on one of the biggest stock market scams in India gives us a lot of details about the main accused, Harshad Mehta and the financial irregularities in the system.

If you've finished watching the show, take this quiz to see how much you remember.

1. What was Harshad Mehta's full name?

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2. Harshad Mehta met Bhushan Bhatt for the first time when both of them were:

3. Who tipped Sucheta Dala about the fraud in SBI?

4. What was the area of the penthouse where Harshad Mehta and family lived in Mumbai?

5. What was the name of Harshad Mehta's consultancy firm?

6. Which was Harshad Mehta's favourite in his fleet of imported luxury cars?

7. What was the name of the committee formed by RBI to investigate Harshad Mehta's scam?

8. How many days did Harshad Mehta spend in jail before recieving bail?

9. Which new sport did Harshad Mehta learn in Scam 1992?

10. Which document was missing with the SBI when the fraud was initially exposed?

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11. What was the name of the CBI officer initially appointed to interrogate Harshad?

12. What did Harshad Mehta do after returning from jail?

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13. Pherwani was the Chairman of which bank?

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14. What did the suitcase that Harshad Mehta showed to the media contain?

15. Who was the famous lawyer who fought for Harshad, initially?

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