Superfans are creatures that have somehow escaped mythology and have come to life to wreak havoc on Earth. That’s right. These are some very weird people disturbingly obsessed with celebrities and often do very weird things!

1. Jeff and Teresa Greenwood carved Taylor Swift’s face on their corn maze like some extraterrestrial fan art!

They actually also put some text in there that said, ‘Dare to be different.’ Well, it’s definitely different!

The Talko

2. A British man Carl McCoid got about 30 tattoos of Miley Cyrus on his body. 

McCoid might have spent about $5000 on this body art dedicated to the pop star, who he believes to be his wife. And from the looks of it, he might have to spend a lot more to get the tattoos removed after the singer reportedly thought it to be creepy and ugly. 


3. A fan sent actor Zac Efron a bit of their skin. 

When appearing on Conan O’Brien, Efron talked about the weirdest fan gift he’s ever received. Well, Efron wins this round!

Page Six

4. An American man loved Draco Malfoy so much that he seriously tried to adopt Tom Felton. 

In an interview, Felton said: 

An American once tried to adopt me. It was the most disturbing fan mail I received. He was very serious. It wasn’t just a letter. He sent a binder of official documents that he’d filled out for me, so I just had to sign, change my name to Draco, then divorce my parents and go over to America to live with him. 

5. A fan tried to assassinate Jimmy Carter and later, Ronald Reagan because he wanted Jodie Foster’s attention. 

After watching Foster in Taxi DriverJohn Hinkley became obsessed with her and tried to find her when she was at Yale University. Sometime later he decided that assassinating people was the right way to grab her attention. Hinkley was arrested after his failed assassination attempts. 

The Sun

6. Someone actually cut off their ear and sent it to Jared Leto and he made a necklace out of it. 

This is disturbing on many accounts and but not surprising that Leto would actually wear the ear as a necklace. He once talked about it on a radio show. 

Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me. That was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘Are you listening?’ I never knew who it was. Who’s missing their ear out there. I poked a hole in it and wore it as a necklace!

7. Some teenage fans climbed onto Liam Payne’ balcony and stole his boxer shorts. 

One Direction has always inspired a bunch of crazy fans, who are mostly teenagers. So naturally, their fanbase crosses lines, more often than not. These particular women had climbed onto his balcony at a hotel and were trying to get close to him but when they failed, they took some underwear instead. Classic!

Big World Tale

8. French couple Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar have had multiple surgeries to look like Barbie and Ken. 

The couple has already spent $300,000 in surgeries alone and plans to legally change their names to Doll and Ken in the future. Don’t know why I mentioned the last part. It not like that’s the crazy part of this story. 

The Mirror

9. Some fans gifted the Jonas brothers a dead shark. 

Speaking to reporters, Nick Jonas elaborated: 

It wasn’t a real big shark though. It was only a baby shark but they’d preserved it in this tube for us. That was odd. They didn’t even leave a note explaining. It was just, ‘Here’s a dead shark’. 
NY Post

10. A Samosa vendor once reached Amitabh Bachchan‘s house with a lot of samosas and asked the actor if he would touch them so he could sell them as prasad!

Gotta tell you, guys. India has a serious problem of hero worshipping. 

The Indian Express

11. This dude, Tobias Strebel got multiple surgeries to look like favourite pop singer, Justin Bieber. 

In a period that lasted 5 years, Tobias went through multiple surgeries to look like Bieber. In fact, he also had his smile changed to look like Bieber’s smile. Unfortunately, he died shortly after, in 2015. 


12. A One Direction Fan carried out an entire wedding ceremony where she married the cardboard cutout of Harry Styles. 

What’s funny, as you’ll see in the picture is that a lot of people, who look like friends and family, also participated in the ceremony. 

The Talko

13. A Rajnikanth fan once took a bunch of sleeping pills so that he could die and thus be able to donate his kidney to Rajnikanth when the actor was in hospital due to illness. 

While this is disturbing, anyone who has ever been to Tamil Nadu knows that there is always some bastard who’s done something far more severe for the actor

Outlook India

This has been a very unnerving experience. Good bye.