Whether you admit it or not, we watch horror movies for the cheap jump scares. The unexpected is always a great ingredient in scary movies and without it, the film just feels too vanilla.

Here are some of the scariest scenes from some horror movies.

The Conjuring: The 'hide and clap' scene.

'Hide and clap' might sound like a fun game to play but not when your house is haunted. After this scene was unexpectedly thrown our way, all anyone wanted to do was hide.

Source: In Session Film

The Ring: Scary girl coming out of the TV.

A lot of us absolutely refused to watch TV after this film. The scene where the freakishly scary girl comes crawling out of the TV screen still gives us nightmares.

Source: Magic899

A Quiet Place: The childbirth-bathtub scene

If you say you weren't biting away at your nails like there's no tomorrow while watching this scene, you're definitely lying. Watching Emily Blunt in such gruesome pain will make you experience phantom pains yourself.

Source: Trailer Addict

The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Dorm possession scene

Thanks to this movie, the whole world had sleepless nights since it was based on a true story. It had multiple scary scenes but this one aces the list. Imagine waking up to find your girlfriend on the floor, in a not-so-human position. And when you try to figure it out, she screams without even moving. Sweet stuff, right?

Source: Martin Teller

Annabelle: Girl running scene.

I don't know about you but I think my heart skipped a beat during this scene. The little girl running towards Mia (the protagonist) and suddenly turning into a ghastly woman is one of the scariest scenes in the film.

Source: Imgur

Lights Out: Diana in Rebecca's room

This scene is the literal definition of 'fatt kar haath mein aa gayi'. Imagine waking up to someone sitting in your bedroom, scratching the floor. And since, the concept of the movie is literally its name, the ghost keeps appearing and disappearing.

Source: Filmmaker Magazine

Shutter: Ghost on the shoulder.

You know a horror movie is good when the last scene manages to scare the living hell out of you. Even though the protagonist deserved it, watching the ghost of the lover he wronged sit on his back for the rest of his life is another level of scary.

Us: The 'other' family running towards the house.

If four random creepy 'strangers' who look exactly like you standing outside your house isn't scary enough, imagine them suddenly sprinting towards you. This goosebumps-inducing scene will leave anyone scarred for a few nights.

Source: Vulture

Gerald's Game: The Moonlight Man in the corner.

Based on the book by Stephen King, this movie is all kinds of fucked up. The scene when Jessie sees the Moonlight Man standing in the corner of her bedroom will leave your heart racing.

Source: The Sound Architect

Insidious: The end scene.

The first film in the Insidious trilogy had quite the jump-scare ending. Realising that the devil has taken your husband's place will make anyone freak the hell out.

Source: Gifer

Get Out: The running scene.

Imagine stepping out of the house at night for some fresh air and encountering a fully-grown man running towards you at top speed. Seems scary, right? 

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