Short horror films that manage to creep you out in a short span of time, can be fun to watch. Some of short films turn out to be scarier than full-length horror movies, and I am not kidding when I say this. So, if you are feeling adventurous tonight, here are the 10 best short horror films you can watch for free on YouTube. So, turn off the lights, put on your headphones and let the horror begin. 

1. The Smiling Man 

This film is about a little girl who encounters pure evil in the form of a smiling man, when she is alone at home. The film is about 7 minutes long but the trailer itself is quite spooky and scary. It is quite an entertaining film that manages to grab your attention right from the start. There are a couple of unexpected jump scares that you may encounter so all I can say is, be prepared. Even the sound effects and the background score add to the drama and to the seriousness of the situation the little girl is going through.

2. I Heard It Too 

This award-winning short horror film is about a little girl who is woken up from her sleep, with a voice that sounds just like her mothers. There is a suspense that the writers have successfully managed to keep throughout the movie which is commendable, keeping the fact in mind that this is a short film. The concept and story line is gripping and the camera work is pretty decent too. 

3. Don’t Stare

Don’t Stare is an award-winning short horror film that revolves around a boy named Jarod who returns to an empty house after visiting his grandmother. He brings home one old TV along with him but soon, he is terrorized by an unlikely antagonist. It is based on the urban legend of the black-eyed kids. The film starts with a bang but there is no explanation as to why any of this is happening to Jarod. Having said that, one has to keep in mind that this short film has no dialogues at all, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. The camera work is good. While the jump scares seem planned, it still has a level of unpredictability. 

4. Vicious 

Vicious is an award-winning short horror film about a young woman named Lydia who comes home one night only to find that the front door of the house is unlocked and slightly opened. She suspects the presence of someone/something in the house. This film is brilliantly acted and well shot, to begin with. It lures you into its nightmare and then abandons you in the dark, only to give you a hair-raising climax. It is intense, threatening, and vicious, as the name suggests. It is everything that a horror movie should be. The background score and the visual effects add to the creepiness and the drama. You’ll definitely want to watch this film with the lights off and headphones on. 

5. Don’t Look Away 

Don’t Look Away is about a young girl who discovers a strange man standing outside in the garden, staring at her, while she waits for her parents to come back home. Her father tells us her that he will rush home and to never look away but things don’t go as planned. The plot of this short film isn’t original but it is simple and neatly directed. There are enough tense moments to leave you biting your nails. There isn’t much explanation as to why this strange monster is lurking around but that can be overlooked since this is a short film. Having said that, this film has all the elements, it needs to scare and creep the shit out of anyone.  

6. Downstairs

Downstairs, is an award-winning short horror film that is about an inquisitive security guard who is haunted by evil spirits. I can confidently say that this film blew my expectations. The cinematography, the performances and the plot is excellent. The movie grabs your attention from the very beginning. And you start feeling for the plight of the lead character.

7. Text

This short horror film is about a girl who is simultaneously texting her friend and her ex-boyfriend when something unexpected happens. This is a silent film that you will easy understand and relate to. It’s the acting and the realistic portrayal that makes the film all the more creepy. This film does manage to create an uneasiness that even the most high-budget films are unable to. 

8. The Birch

The Birch is a folk horror film about a young boy who is bullied in school. He decides to take strong action against his harasser by summoning an ancient being in the woods using a spell. The story line, the struggles of the boy and the legend spirit manage to grab one’s attention, from the very start. There are some questions that will pop up in your mind while you watch this film but you have to keep in mind that this film is less than 5 minutes of duration. It keeps you hooked for good.

9. Lights Out

This short horror film was released in 2013, before the American horror film ‘Lights Out,’ directed by David F. Sandberg. This film is about a woman who encounters an evil spirit when she turns off the lights. The concept is quite different, unique and intriguing. The creature haunting was creepy and blood-curdling. Though, it makes it impossible to get too involved with the character, since this film is less than 3 minutes in length. The film manages to instill anxiety, a fear and a feeling of relatability since we’re all scared of the dark. You won’t want to switch your lights off after watching this.

10. The Moonlight Man

The Moonlight Man revolves around a woman who is stalked by a monster, while she is trying to get into her car. The plot seems simple enough but the scenes are captivating. There is great use of suspense and tension and the story is simple and to the point. 

Now, I am going to hide under my blanket. Bye.