Let’s sit down and get this straight for once and for all, chai is not just a beverage, it’s a complete emotion. Whether you are happy, sad or just bored, a cup of chai acts as fuel for the brain and love for the heart.

Just as our day is incomplete without that piping hot cup of chai (actually, multiple cups), several movies felt complete and wholesome because of a very special guest appearance- do cup chai.

Let’s check these chai-tastic scenes, shall we?


1. Andaz Apna Apna

“Do dost ek pyaale mein chai piyenge, isse dosti badti hai.” 

Now, you have wasted your entire childhood if you don’t remember this scene or the movie. You know a person really likes you when they decide to share their chai with you. In this scene, a cup of tea represented that sharing it with a friend deepens your friendship, which is absolutely true.

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2. Wake Up Sid

“Tum, main aur do cup chai.”

There are two kinds of party people: first, who love going out and partying like there’s no tomorrow and second, who love sitting on the edge of a beach, listening to the sounds of waves crashing with a cup of hot tea. In this scene, we learned that two strangers can bond really well with do cup chai.


3. Baazigar

Who could have imagined that a cup of tea (yes, it was still chai even without tea leaves) would give us one of the most hilarious scenes of all time? This scene gave us an important message- always triple-check your tea stock before serving it to the guests, especially if your silly butler made it.

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3. Khoobsurat

Fawad Khan savouring chai. That’s it. That’s the post.

Just kidding. Imagine this: a royal (and extremely hot) prince sipping chai at a street-side shop in an inexpensive cup. Sounds quite impossible, right? Well, this scene taught us that some people might have all the money in the world but still find their peace and joy in the tiniest of things in life.


4. Hasee Toh Phasee

Ah, here comes my favourite one. Be honest, have you ever had a chance to drink hot chai in the midst of pouring rain? Well, it’s a completely different feeling. The scene showcased that a cup of tea, right in the morning at a local cycle stand chaiwala, is always a great idea.


5. Dil To Pagal Hai

What’s better than drooling over chai with a picturesque background in a gorgeous nation far away to discuss a crazy little thing called love? This scene proved that a steamy cup of chai is always better than a shot of coffee or a chilled beer, even if you are in a foreign land.

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6. Barfi!

Let’s just put it out there, be it the plotline, characters or the songs- everything about this movie was a masterpiece. This scene brought the charm of drinking chai from a kulhad along with dipped biscuits, which is the best combination there ever could be. 


7. Lakshya

Surviving without their loved ones by their side and any luxuries, there’s no doubt that being a soldier is not a piece of cake. In this scene, a news reporter discovers the first-hand experience of living as a soldier, defending the country during the war.


9. Parineeta

What’s better than having a cup of tea with your mother on a relaxing day? With this scene, where the duo is seen making an engaging conversation about his meeting with a woman, we can all recall and plan a tea date with our respective mothers soon.


10. Dil Se

Isn’t it just sad how a possible love story is cut short even before it can actually start over a cutting chai? In this introductory scene, we get introduced to the protagonists of the movie and yes, our do cup chai played an important role here as well.


Chalo, do cup chai hojaaye?