When talking about Indian television, the word ‘weird’ doesn’t begin to cover it. Weird is, my crush watching all my stories but not liking my posts. Weird is me still having to take my mom’s permission for a night out to a friend’s place.

The stuff on Indian TV is something else altogether, and I thought it would be a good idea to put it all in one place. So here you go.

1. A shape-shifting lizard named Lavanya assuming her reptile form to marry Divya’s fiance in Divya Drishti. 

YouTube/Serial Update News

2. Rahul in Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum turning into a tiger on his honeymoon (ouch).

Because, as it turns out, he is a shape-shifting tiger who turns into the animal on certain nights of the year. 

YouTube/ And TV

3. Simar turning into a makkhi. Enough said.

Let us not ruin legendary tales by explaining them.

Get Set Home

4. Two naags French-kissing in the only way they know how to (and are capable of).


5. Doctor using ‘scotch brite’ as defibrillator because you know what, pandemic mein sabka budget kam ho gaya hai so just please just be happy with what you’re getting. 

6. Gorilla falling in love with Thapki in Thapki Pyar Ki.

Karein toh kya karein, bolein toh kya bolein?

7. A woman tripping into a suitcase and traveling across the world because no one knew she was inside, no machine could tell it’s a human not a set of clothes and usko hosh nahin aaya bhai

8. Gopi Bahu washing her husband’s laptop like 2020 washed away our happiness. 

In this case, we all know rasode mein kaun tha.

9. This woman trying to strangle herself with a curtain is every sibling after a soft nudge.

Aane do beta mummy ko.

10. A couple trying to kiss through face shields, keeping up with the dystopian times we are living in. 

Love in the time of corona. 

11. Snake-woman chilling on a tree with full makeup on like its no one’s business. 

Yaas queen!


13. Mona Singh splitting into 3 personalities because…uske jaisi koi nahin (sorry had to).

Colours TV

14. Shape-shifting snake woman turning into a naagin in her mandap cos that’s the true test of love.

Colours TV

15. When this happened in the middle of what I am assuming is a highway in Mumbai. 

That ends Delhi vs Mumbai debate, I suppose?


16. A couple accidentally getting married after the guy gets sindoor on his sleeve and starts combing near the girl. The sindoor falls on her head and there you go…there are now husband and wife. 

Drugs do mujhe, drugs do.