As the sequel of Netflix’s much-awaited, highschool rom-com, The Kissing Booth just released today, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Elle and envy her life all over again.

Netflix Life

In this part of the film, Elle is set on a journey of self-discovery while trying to juggle a long-distance relationship with Noah, her traditions with Lee without being a third wheel, and her budding friendship with the very attractive Marco. 


Here are a few relatable scenes from the movie that have stayed with us as we eagerly wait to see where Elle goes to college in the next film: 

1. When Noah calls the school office and pretends to be Elle’s dad just because he misses her and wants to talk to her:  

2. When Elle’s self-introspection after visiting Noah, on her flight back home relates to and justifies literally every millennial’s 5-year-plan: 

3. Rachel taking a stand for her relationship, admitting that she’s tired of Elle being their third wheel and asking Lee to establish some healthy boundaries was quite an inspiration: 

4. Marco reminded us about the importance of stopping, smelling the roses and being happy when he pushed Elle to take a break from their dance routine: 

5. Admit it, we all had goosebumps, the moment Lee decided to wear his heart on his sleeve and confess his love for Rachel, publicly with the most romantic gesture possible: 

6. The moment Marco opened up about his ideology on the art of not holding on, he unintentionally gave us all a life lesson to cherish: 

7. When one of the OMG’s commented on Elle’s relationship with Noah with all her sass, I literally got scared: 

8. When Marco reminds Elle to just have fun with her dance routine instead of worrying too much about it: 

9. Elle taking a stand and finally mustering the courage to talk about what was bothering her in a room full of people was really brave: 

10. Ollie finally letting go of his fear of being judged and jumping off the kissing booth to kiss the love of his life and publicly come out of the closet was the most wholesome thing ever:

11. When Elle admits that she has feelings for Marco only to realise that she’s in love with Noah: 

12. Rachel and Lee’s story comes full circle when their friends set them up together in the kissing booth and they get back together: 

13. Noah finally letting go of all his emotional baggage and opening up about his feelings to Elle was the most beautiful thing ever: 

I’m not crying, you’re crying. BRB, watching this movie again.