Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead for 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2.

As the sequel of Netflix's much-awaited superhero sibling drama Umbrella Academy hit our screens recently, we couldn't help but stop ourselves from binge-watching all of it.   

Season 2 of this drama-fantasy series throws all seven siblings (Luther, Allison, Klaus, Vanya, Number Five, Diego, Ben) to different timelines into Dallas, Texas before their then-President John. F. Kennedy's assassination. Eventually, all of them find their way back to each other only to find out that they need to stop another apocalypse in the year 1963.   

Here are a few scenes from the series that stayed with us as we eagerly wait for the next season. 

Source: TVLine

1. Allison was thrown in a timeline when the Black community was still very afraid to stand up against the whites in Dallas. When a white man forced a 'fake' assault, then Allison showed him his place by kicking him. 

2. When Klaus and Ray Chestnut (Allison's husband) talk about Shakespeare while sitting in jail and even though they didn't know each other, they empowered each other. 

3. When a small Black community (Including Allison) finally raised their voice against racism and silently protested in a 'whites-only' diner while the white community dissed and attacked them.   

4. That moment when it was found out that Diego's love interest and accomplice, Lila Pitts was actually Handler's daughter.  

5. When Klaus met his love interest, Dave as a teenager and tried warning him not to join the forces because of family pressure. However, since Dave didn't know him, he punched Klaus after his uncle asked him to. 

6. When Diego goes to a party to find his father but ends up finding a younger version of his mother who was on a date with his father.   

7. When Sissy tells Vanya about her life as a mother and a wife and finally confesses her feelings towards her. 

8. When Klaus, Allison and Vanya share some much-awaited sibling time and discuss Allison and Luther's 'weird' relationship status.   

9. When Ben figures out that he can posses Klaus's body and meets his brother Diego via Klaus after 17 years. 

10. When the entire Umbrella Academy finally get to meet their father and explain to him how he had adopted them to save the world. 

11. After all the siblings fail to meet on a particular time to go back to 2019, Number Five plans to meet his older self from another timeline. However, both of them go through some really weird side-effects when that happens.  

12. When Vanya finally remembers her past and starts destructing everything after being electrocuted by the FBI. But Ben manages to reach out to her and assure her that the fault isn't hers and she can still make things fine.   

13. When Ben, after 17 years of his death finally starts going into the light and asks Vanya to hug her while he says goodbye.  

14. When the entire Umbrella Academy comes along with Vanya to help her out, despite of the fact that they were in grave danger. 

15. When everyone finds out that Lila can mirror anyone's power and she is one of their own. 

16. When all the siblings finally reach their home i.e. The Umbrella Academy in 2019 and find out that everything has changed. 

Can't wait for the next season.