If you were just as psyched as we were to see the trailer of The Friends reunion, then here’s some fun, but extremely important info. we stumbled upon for you! This research done by a data scientist named Yashu Seth was published on his blog some time back.


And apparently, according to the numbers and stats, Friends seems to have one main character! So, here is a look at some of the categories basis which Yashu Seth figured out who the main character of the show is!

1. Most lines and words spoken 

According to the numbers, Ross and Rachel had the most lines and words on-screen. To be precise, they both topped in three categories; Total number of lines, percentage of lines spoken per season, and total number of words. 


2. On-screen appearances

According to the research, Chandler Bing  AKA Matthew Perry has the most amount of screen appearances. In fact, he has appeared in more than 1400 scenes. 


3. Individual screen appearances

And guess who has the most amount of individual screen appearances? Ross Gellar! 


4. Mentions in the episode title 

Rachel Green AKA Jennifer Anniston has been mentioned in the show’s episode titles the most (why is this not surprising?). 

5. Number of screen appearances at Central Perk 

In terms of the number of screen appearances in Central Perk, it’s Phoebe guys! She has the most amount of screen appearances in the iconic café. I keep thinking of her playing her guitar and singing ‘Smelly Cat’ in Central Perk


6. Number of screen appearances at Monica’s apartment 

Well, this is a no brainer. Since it was Monica’s apartment, it is only natural that she has the most number of screen appearances there. After her, Rachel and Chandler have the most appearances in the apartment. 


7. The pair that had the most amount of screen appearances together

Apparently, Chandler and Joey have the most amount of appearances together as a pair. So, so cute, I ship them! 

8. One character who had the most amount of screen appearances after these six

And according to Yashu Seth’s research, Gunther had the most amount of screen appearances apart from the rest of the cast. . 

And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time for the grand (but kind of obvious) reveal! Well, Ross and Rachel that had the highest numbers in most of the categories. But, Ross is the winner here folks. Even though Rachel came pretty close, Ross had the highest numbers of the lot. 

I bet y’all have a lot to say about this!