RRR continues to make waves all over the world, beating all the box-office numbers. The S Rajamouli directorial has reportedly earned  ₹1111 crores worldwide. From a heart-touching storyline to some mind-bowling action, the movie is really etched in the audience’s hearts. 

Adding more to its fan base, this fantastic piece of cinema was reviewed by Screen Junkies as they released an Honest Trailer for RRR. It is also the first time an Indian movie is reviewed by them. Let’s find out what they has to say. 

Praising the historical drama, he compared the famous Nacho song with Vin Diesel and The Rock. Well, clearly American movies lack the dance moves compared to Indian cinema. 

Like everyone else, he couldn’t stop himself from hailing the animal action sequence. It surely did send chills down our spine and was also one of the best scenes from the movie. 

He also pointed out how the world hates the British for their demonic acts in the past. The review further lauded the movie for its marvelous action and screenplay. 

People all around the world are celebrating the movie’s success and this comment section is proof. 

You can watch the full video here:

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