Whenever there’s a discussion on sitcoms, favourites like FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory get the most number of people rooting for them. But there’s always a very small bunch of people mentioning Seinfeld. We are one of those who believe the same. 

There. I said it. Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time.


Based out of Manhattan New York, Seinfeld is a show based on nothing. And for a show that is based on nothing, it soon becomes everything for its ardent fans. The whole point of the show is to be pointless and hence it becomes all the more difficult for the fans to describe why this show is SO DAMN GOOD!

It’s about the daily lives of four friends, Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine and the ridiculous scenarios that they constantly find themselves in. The show works on the simple principle of escalation. While the characters develop a lot through the course of the show, their interactions with each other and the situations themselves are enough to make you laugh.


One of the major things about Seinfeld is that it’s arguably the most relatable show we’ve seen so far.

Whether it be the friendship of Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine or the relationship they had with others. Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld, The Costanzas, Uncle Leo, Newman, Mr. Peterman, Susan Ross, David Putty, George Steinbrenner and the countless other relationships they had with the opposite sex. There was ALWAYS a good story to tell.


It was because of Seinfeld that we finally had a great festival named Festivus!

Without Frank Costanza we wouldn’t have Festivus! A fake holiday that takes place on December 23rd that includes an aluminum pole, feats of strength and of course the airing of grievances. Costanza is arguably one of the greatest characters ever written. His parents are almost always at each other’s throats and that’s what makes Frank so interesting.


Characters were more than just caricatures to further the overarching feel-good plot. The characters from Seinfeld were not ‘good’ people to be honest. They were normal guys. Unlike FRIENDS where the writers want you to like horrible people, the characters in Seinfeld paid for their mistakes. They even went to jail FFS!


While a lot is said about that infamous finale, let’s not forget the countless times we went back to the show for our daily fix of humour. While there are a lot of other shows that might be more popular, Seinfeld will always be qualitatively superior to them.

Seinfeld will make you smile, it’ll make you think, but most importantly, it’ll just make you laugh.