My love for Blake Lively is boundless. I mean, come on, look at her, how can someone not fall in love with this beautiful human being (who might just be an angel or something!) 

If the word diva had to be defined through a person, I’d be pointing my finger at this woman. 


The first time I ever came across Blake Lively was through her character in Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen, who I idolised for the longest time. 

Serena was my fashion hero and I had a massive girl crush on her (still is, but as Blake Lively now!)

The kind of clothes she wore and the way she carried it swooned me into this delusional world where I fantasized living in New York City in a hotel room wearing clothes like those. It was unreal, surreal and everything above the highest cloud. Watching her was like surfing on rainbows, to be honest. 

Serena’s intensity complimented her fashion goddess avatar so impeccably, I couldn’t even…

She said things that I could relate with then, and now. 


She talked a lot about love and life, the two things I have always had trouble figuring out. She was like this queen philosopher all of us need in our lives. 


 And says it in a voice that you want to believe every word that she utters. 


Her friendship with Blair Waldorf was #friendshipgoals before #friendshipgoals was a thing.

Their bittersweet relationship seemed more real to me than my own life, when I first watched their chemistry blooming on the screen. 

She was always there for Blair no matter how bitchy she was, Serena always had her back. 

And they were cheesy, quirky and everything made up of unicorns and colors. 

Through their friendship, a vulnerable, relatable side of Serena came across so majestically. 

Serena’s relationships used to give me a shiver down my spine, for real!

She was relatable (somewhat), at least when it came to choosing men in her life.

And all the heart-melting-body-warming-goosebumps-inducing moments she shared with Dan.

Serena, hands down, had the quirkiest replies and come backs. 

And she had the cutest personality as Dan has described in very simple yet powerful words as he proclaims his love for her. Awww!

And this. Serena is the literally the cutest. 

Her relationship with Nate wasn’t any less chocolatey with edible confetti for sprinkles. 


She always knew just what to say!


Serena a.k.a Blake Lively was, is and will remain to my favourite.