With so much misinformation about sex doing the rounds, a little bit of going back to the basics seems like the need of the hour. While all of us had that chapter on reproductive health, a lot of our teachers skipped it because it was too much for a school student to handle, or just because they were too shy to say the S word. 

Thereafter, whatever we learnt about sex and sexual health was mainly through friends and an ample amount of porn. However, what we learnt when we were young was a lot of half-baked knowledge with too many footnotes. And like they say, half-baked knowledge can be more than just a little harmful. 


Busting myths and clearing misconceptions about sex and sexual health is a brilliant new series titled, Sex Ki AdalatA Hindi web series by the Population Foundation of India, this is definitely something that everyone needs to binge-watch. 

In a format quite similar to Aap Ki Adaalat, this series is complete with defendants, plaintiffs, lawyers and a judge. But instead of real cases or celebrities, they raise the many questions we’ve always had about sex. In their first four episodes, they have already covered topics like menstruation, masturbation, virginity and one on the male child as well. 

Here is their latest episode:

In a country where Hindi is the mother tongue of a lot of people, a show like this might just be the best way to educate people about sex.