The second wave of Covid has put a dent in the plans of the rich and famous. After Maldives and other foreign countries shut their borders for India (read Bollywood), we hear Seychelles is opening them up. 


I guess we now know where our dear Bollywood celebs are headed next! After trolling India with their vacation pics, while the country gasped for air, they now have the opportunity to escape to Seychelles and get the perfect Insta shots. 


Seychelles’ Public Health Commissioner announced that vaccinated visitors from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who have completed two weeks after their second dose are permitted to travel to and enter Seychelles with proof of their Covid-19 vaccination. The ones who pulled connections to get those shots early, will be gone already before you can say May 1st. 

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The rich and famous now have a destination to flee to, so they don’t have to scroll through gloomy pics of India’s tragedy.