Shah Rukh Khan does not need “sattar minute” but only a few moments to have us absolutely swoon over his charm.

Over these 3 decades, SRK has made certain cameos and they aren’t your usual blink-and-you’ll-miss-it types. Instead, he springs into our minds first when we think of those films.

How can someone, in just one sequence, eclipse all other stars? Perhaps it’s only SRK’s electrifying presence that always has us smitten! Today, we present to you the films in which SRK appears in cameos but has a ‘king size’ impact. 

1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 

Unrequited love never seemed more enchanting until we heard the fans in the cinema hall cheer aloud when Shah Rukh Khan as Tahir made an entry in Ae Dil Hai MushkilSince the release of the trailer, there had been speculations about SRK’s guest appearance in the film yet no one could have anticipated that his interpretation of ek tarfa pyaar would strike a chord with all the aashiq for at least a decade. Who else, if not him, could dissect the entire plot of the film so succinctly?


2. Luck By Chance 

If Shah Rukh’s mere presence in a film can scream ‘power’ then imagine SRK making a cameo as himself? To put it simply, the charm is amplified. Just like Farhan’s character in Luck By Chance who was blinded by fame, SRK’s advice moved us too. “Never forget people who knew you, especially when the world didn’t.” 

3. Tubelight 

A scene, which is peppered with two mega stars, obviously grabs more eyeballs than usual.  As magician Goga Pasha, SRK made a super sweet cameo in Salman Khan starrer Tubelight which was perhaps the only bearable minutes of the film. Magically stealing our hearts, leaving us spellbound!

4. Bhootnath Returns

When BIG B’s charisma was complemented with SRK cameo in Bhootnath Returns, we couldn’t resist but smile wide! 

Indian Express

5. Kaal 

The moment you hear ‘iss kaal kaal mein hum tum kare dhamaal’, SRK’s fiery image would flash before your eyes. For the unversed, he was only featured in this specific song of Kaal; John Abraham and Vivek Oberoi were apparently the main leads.

6. Mast Kalandar in Heyy Baby 

For me, watching the first part of this song is just a build up for SRK’s stunning cameo. Only his magnetism has the energy to steal everyone’s thunder in a matter of seconds. My heart still races fast when the music cues his grand entrance in the song.

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NGL, Mast Kalandar is his grandest entry that still has me whistling!