Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained yet again by US immigration officials at the Los Angeles airport. There are no further details about the detention, but the superstar took to Twitter to write about the incident:

He didn’t lose his cool and was as quirky as ever 

After the actor’s fans criticised the detention, Khan got an apology from a US department of state official. 

This is the third time that Khan has been detained at an airport in the US by immigration officials.

In 2012, he was detained at New York airport for over two hours by immigration officials. However, the US customs and border protection authorities later expressed “profound” apologies for the detention.

In 2009, he was detained at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey where he wasn’t even allowed to make a phone call for an hour.

But despite such incidents, the superstar has always had a witty take at the detentions.

Here is what he once said in a speech at Yale:

He has also always maintained that he would support all such measures in India if it meant strengthening the security of the country.

“God forbid if there was a problem in India, I would be the first to say that we have to strengthen our security. One has to see it in a larger context, it’s a sign of the times. The world is that kind of place… you cannot hold grudges against people. We have to live with it and just be prepared for some of this stuff,”  he had once said.