During times of crisis, privilege and lack of it, expose themselves. However, a society can get through if its citizens try to bridge the gap. Those who have more, give to those who don’t.

India has seen many examples of this, over the past few days, with celebrities donating whatever they can to make things easier for the country. 

One of these celebrities is Shah Rukh Khan, who recently announced initiatives through which he aims to help people in need.

And today, along with Gauri Khan, he offered up their personal office space for quarantine purposes.

The BMC announced the same with a tweet.

This step will be of great help to the medics who are already struggling with lack of space and equipment.

Earlier, Shah Rukh had replied to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s thank you tweet, by saying, “You are a Dilliwala just like me. We will keep working for our brothers and sisters”.

He also tweeted to Aditya Thakrey, reiterating that he doesn’t need to be thanked.

They call him the king for a reason.