We often travel back to the good ol' days, whether they're the iconic 2000s movies or the award shows. Today, an Instagram user gave us a major throwback by posting some clips from the Filmfare Awards that was hosted by Shah Rukh Khan And Saif Ali Khan in 2007!

Source: Instagram

I mean, if there ever would be a typical Bollywood version of AIB roast, this would be it. Man, they did it way before it was cool!

Source: Instagram

When was the last time you watched Bollywood actors roasting each other and not a single soul in the audience took offence? That was exactly the kind of healthy humour we had on award shows way back in 2007!

Source: india forums

Essentially, the hosts were unfazed by jokes on self. I mean, they didn't make faces when someone from the crowd poked fun at their 'flop' films rather took them sportingly.

Twitter absolutely loved the duo and won't mind having them back!

I mean, Aayushman and Aparshakti are cool but Shah Rukh and Saif duo was totally out of the world!

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