Back in the early 2000s, an episode of Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai focused on the storied life of Pankaj Kapoor. In between, a young Shahid also made his way to the stage, giving us an insight into what it was like being the son of such a famous father.

1. He spoke about how intimidating it was showing his films to his father.

2. But he also pointed out that having a father who provided a professional critical analysis was very important.

3. He made sure to let everyone know just how much he respects his father’s body of work.

I have only seen dad do roles which are of very high quality. He will never settle for a mediocre part. 

4. He highlighted the fact that senior Kapoor wasn’t just a one-act wonder.

Every role he plays is a new character. It’s a new character and a new person.

5. Pankaj himself chimed in on what he sees in his son in term of acting. 

I want to see him as an actor. I may be his father, but I am fairly ruthless when it comes to professionalism.

6. Shahid also joked about how his father would always give the good news first, which would inevitably be followed by ‘kaam ki baat‘.

You can watch the full episode below.