Bigg Boss, the show that has the correct amount of drama and spice, has blessed us viewers with some hatke contestants this season. While some contestants are hilarious and fun, there are a bunch of others who love stirring controversies and fights. Shalin Bhanot, who made headlines right in the first week of the show, has been involved in a series of arguments and fights in the last ten weeks.

Shalin Bhanot
Credits: Telly Fight

Shalin Bhanot, who made headlines right in the first week of the show, has been involved in a series of arguments and fights in the last ten weeks. While his fans are loving him in the show and have been saving him from elimination each week, other viewers are quite pissed with his rude behaviour towards others in the show.

And here, we have made a list of the times when viewers hated his disrespectful behaviour in the show. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. When He Talked Ill About Tina Datta After She Was Eliminated.

After his closest friend and apparent love interest in the house got eliminated, his behaviour completely changed and he told other contestants that he never liked her and knew that she was leaving the house. 

“I never liked Tina, it was only because of the chicken that I liked her. I was only worried about my food and she used to do it so that is the only thing I am missing right now because who will make chicken for me now? I won’t even talk to that girl after I go out because there I would have my restaurant for it.”

2. When He Had Condescending Behaviour Towards Sumbul Touqeer Khan.

After he learned that another contestant might like him, he used to be an understanding friend towards her in private and lashed out at her in front of other contestants. When the host of the show scolded her for acting so obsessive towards him, he never supported her and instead, pinned all the blame on her and acted like he never knew anything about it.

Shalin Bhanot
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3. When He Kissed Soundarya Sharma As A Joke.

When he learned that Gautam Singh Vig liked Soundarya Sharma, he started flirting with her to make the former feel bad. Although it was just a healthy joke between two friends, things took a wild turn when he kissed her on the cheek, without her consent, to make him jealous.

4. When He Belittled Tina Datta Every Time During Their Fights.

There’s no doubt that these two housemates share a great rapport in the house. However, during each fight, his anger takes a toll on him and he starts belittling people around him. From telling her that she used him like a tissue paper to talking rudely to her in front of other housemates, we have seen him belittling her during their fights on numerous occasions.

Shalin Bhanot
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5. When He Argued With Salman Khan.

When the host of the show reprimanded him for his aggressive brawl with MC Stan, he started arguing with him. Later, the host was seen taking off his jacket and throwing it on the ground in anger. Even though the host was speaking in his favour, he kept cutting him in between and arguing with him.

Shalin Bhanot
Shalin Bhanot
Credits: Voot

6. When He Fought For Chicken With Bigg Boss & Housemates.

We all know about his obsession with chicken since the first week. While it seemed harmless at first, his obsession kept growing to a level where even Bigg Boss seemed to be pissed at him for constantly asking for chicken. Even the housemates and the host was seen pranking him for his chicken demands. 

7. When He Fought With His Friends.

He has fought with almost every contestant in the house – be it his enemies or his friends. From fighting with MC Stan as he abused him to getting into a war of words with Gautam Singh Vig, he has not spared anyone in the house. 

Shalin Bhanot
Credits: Voot

8. When He Constantly Spoke In English & Ignored The Warnings.

When he was fighting with Tina in the washroom area, a few weeks back, he was constantly speaking in English. Even though Bigg Boss gave him several warnings to talk only in Hindi, he ignored his warnings and kept talking in English.

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