At any godly moment, you watch a Shammi Kapoor movie and it is an ultimate blast from the past, but the information that we are gonna share with you now will be your ‘aha’ moment.


This high-spirited superstar who swayed the world with his songs and became the epitome of a lover boy also had his way with technology way before anybody else.

Nobody is a better excavator than an Internet-vaasi and this #TIL moment of a Twitter user who goes by the name @prstb is simply a proof of that. 

So Shammi Kapoor, while being a lover boy, was also a next-door techie? Unfathomable. 

If you pay close attention, amidst the funky aesthetics, you can spot Shammi Kapoor’s name.

No doubt, the first accessor of the Internet in India also needs to be the flag bearer of his culture. Shammi Kapoor did exactly that.

Page of Shame? Well, this went further than you’d expect.

Coding and designing that most of today’s young India also dread to learn, he grasped it all by himself. Legend behaviour. 

He penned blogs when blogs were hardly a thing? This man was way ahead of his time. 

Man, this definitely calls for a full-blown show. Take. My. Money. Already. 

Shammi Kapoor and his multiverse of madness, quite literally.