I may not have won ‘Student of The Year’ at St. Teresa High School 10 years ago; but I sure won the ‘Wife of The Year’ title for my super-successful businessman-cum-husband, Abhimanyu. 

No, it’s not an achievement. Except for the fact that I do get to flaunt the latest designers when I’m acting ‘Trophy wife’. 

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had just stuck with Rohan… 

If only he hadn’t flirted so much with Tanya… I never really understood what her problem was… considering she couldn’t be me, she tried to steal my boyfriend. Glad they didn’t end up together! 


I went to Rohan’s gig last week; Abhi doesn’t know. 

Rohan is still single, by the way. Strange, isn’t it? 

I mean I’ve seen the kind of attention he gets from the women. They’re crazy about him. 


Maybe he still has feelings for me. I wouldn’t fault him if he did. At least someone is feeling something for me; even if it’s not my husband… who knows if he even feels anything anymore? 

I mean, sure, I love Abhi. Even though we haven’t had sex in a long time…


Like, a REALLY long time! He gets more turned on by the increased price of his company’s shares than me! 

And I get touched more by my parlour lady and my fitness trainer than my husband and that says a LOT! 

I wish I hadn’t been so blind in love and turned down the applications for further studies! 

I could have been so much more – a fashion buyer, designer, entrepreneur… a.k.a the OG Shanaya Singhania! 

I could have been in Paris right now! 

Maybe I still can… for a short trip… Rohan did mention he has a concert tour in Paris next month. 

Abhi won’t even notice my absence; yes, that’s how preoccupied he is! 

For now, I’ll just make do with Rohan’s gig later tonight. Yes, I’m seeing him tonight. 


So what? I mean we are still friends, right? Abhi doesn’t need to know, obviously… I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, anyway.