No, we haven’t gotten over Shark Tank India as of yet, and there’s no sign of it in the near future. Come on, the drama, the quarrels, the grilling: kahan milta hai yeh sab? Except for Indian daily soaps: but we are past that phase. 

So, because humour humaari expertise hai, we imagined Shark Tank judges in Bollywood movies. Here are the results, and yeh bilkul dogalapan nahi hai. 

1. Ashneer Grover

2. Vineeta Singh

3. Aman Gupta

4. Ghazal Alagh

5. Namita Thapar

6. Anupam Mittal

7. Peyush Bansal

Toh kya Bollywood aur humaari deal via Shark Tank pakki?

Design Credits: Shanu Ketholia