The best part about a love-story is how they meet. I mean, who can resist a good meet-cute, right? 

Proving this right is a couple who met each other in the most unusual yet the most romantic way possible. 

In one of their posts, Humans Of Bombay narrated the story of a tenant, Dipen who fell in love with an ex-tenant, Rose who used to live there before him. 

Apparently, after moving out Rose didn’t change her address so Dipen still received her mail. He texted her on Facebook, they met and he gave her the mail. 

Even after that Rose didn’t change her address. When Dipen texted again to return her latest mails, she offered him a coffee treat as a token of thanks. 

As luck would have it, they hit it off from there.  

 A few weeks later, she asked me out–we spoke about family & our values. We kept meetings for drinks until finally, I invited her home for dinner.

They realized they had a lot in common such as a love for Indian food. But when it came to Cricket, he was a Virat fan while Rose was a supporter of Smith.

A date turned into a ‘weekly thing’ and after 3 months, they moved in together. Since Dipen was shy to make the first move, Rose took the lead. 

The thing is, I was still too shy to make a move. Luckily, Rose did–while we were watching a match, she leaned in; we kissed.

Soon he wanted to propose but the lockdown set in because of which, he carried the ring everywhere. 

While in conversation with Humans of Bombay, Dipen shared that: 

And 4 months later, that moment came! Rose & I’d planned on watching a Cricket match live & it struck me, ‘I have to do it now!

He planned the whole thing the night before and proposed during the match. And, the best part is the proposal was televised. Although they didn’t have a clue about it but aren’t we glad this happened?

You can get the entire story from here. 

It simply melts our hearts when we see two people who love each other so much. :’)