Shefali Shah is one of the few actors who can pull off any role that she chooses and has given masterpieces every single time. She is garnering great praises for her recent role in Darlings, which is a film about domestic violence. In a recent interview, she was asked about the biggest red flag in a relationship, and her answer? “Disrespect”. It is so accurate that it has once again left the internet in awe of her.

You know disrespect can start on a very light level of humour and you don’t realise it. It starts as ‘Arey wo toh aisa hi karta hai…arey wo toh aise hi karti hai…arey isko thodi na samajh aayega’. It’s not funny after a point of time. You wanna say something and if you have to hold it back, then there is a serious problem. If you start thinking that I really want to share something but let it go as its reaction would be bad.

-Shefali Shah

She further added that in a relationship, you are supposed to feel safe, secure and accepted. If you have to worry about being yourself in front of somebody, then there’s a serious problem.

And that’s some solid relationship advice right there. As pointed out by a Twitter user, a lot of people grow up seeing this dynamic at home and start believing it to be normal. But it’s NOT normal, and this generation-long abuse pattern needs to be broken.

Twitter agrees that disrespect is not funny and you shouldn’t try to shadow it with “humour”.

If you are someone who ‘unknowingly’ offends people, you need to take a step back and evaluate if others lack the sense of humour or if your ‘jokes’ are really not funny and plain disrespectful.

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