Suresh Triveni’s Jalsa is nothing but a celebration of a powerful thriller controlled by the leading ladies of Bollywood. A nuanced narrative backed by sharp editing and solid performance makes this Shefali Shah and Vidya Balan-starrer one of the finest Hindi thriller-dramas ever made. 

The moment Jalsa ended, we had to take a few minutes to wrap our heads around the climax and tie up the loose ends! So, to make peace with many questions and speculations, we’ve put ourselves in the director’s shoes and imagined these alternate endings for you (and us).

1. Maya’s confession results in a jail sentence and she loses her child’s custody. 

Maya’s guilt bulldozes her into a confession, which is met with public outcry. Despite her resignation, she is lambasted for her hypocrisy and for masquerading as a saviour while she was the culprit. Subsequently, she also loses custody of her child Ayush to her ex-husband Anand.

2. Ruksana couldn’t afford her daughter’s treatment and Alia succumbed to her injuries. 

Ruksana’s daughter Alia suffered from a life-or-death crisis and would have died if she hadn’t been moved to a private hospital. However, after Maya was convicted, Ruksana was unable to pay the high cost of Alia’s surgery. As a result, she was transferred back to the government hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

3. Maya’s confession doesn’t go out in public and Amar Malhotra starts blackmailing her.

The fear of public uproar makes Maya stop Rohini from revealing her confession in the media. However, Amar Malhotra takes advantage of her vulnerability and blackmails her into disclosing her secrets. Amar does it to ensure his company does not suffer any backlash. For him, it’s business before anything else. 

4. Constable More is exposed and is charged for bribery right before his retirement. 

Constable More’s deadliest nightmare turns into a reality when Rohini George exposed him for bribery. Because of his one misdeed, the uniform that symbolised his loyalty towards his job gets stained. He lands up into serious troubles which also critically affects his daughter’s wedding.

5. Rohini George unmasks Amar Malhotra and everybody else involved, becoming a ground-breaking journalist. 

The trainee journalist Rohini George was the only one who had all the evidence up her sleeve. She waits for the right opportunity and not only exposes Maya and Constable More, but also Amar Malhotra, who offered a lump sum amount to silence her. Her success in this high-profile story was greatly acclaimed, and she established a reputation in the industry. That while she had to wait longer for her mother to finally be with her, her success as a journalist allowed her to be reunited with her mom, but on the right terms. 

6. Ramnik Bhai loses elections the same day Maya gets arrested. 

Remember when Amar joked that Maya and the politician might have some past-life connection? Despite his son’s best efforts, lakhs of rupees and campaigns, Ramnik Bhai loses the election the same day Maya gets arrested, proving their cosmic bond.  

7. Ruksana stops Maya from broadcasting the confession video and exposing herself. 

Maya is stopped from broadcasting the confession video by Ruksana, who instead asks her to fund the education of both her children. She wants justice, but first and foremost, she wants a brighter future for her children. She’s nothing but a practical mother. 

Mind blown? Same. 
All the images are screen grabs from Amazon Prime Video unless specified otherwise.