We live in a society where women aren’t taken seriously – among the other things that women have to deal with. And it’s no news that we do not always get equal treatment, when it comes to jobs and well, life in general. Additionally, the work women do is also demeaned in other areas of life – like our homes and among people that surround us.

And hence, Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah’s take on how people do not take women’s work seriously, feels very relatable. 

In an interview with The Quint, the actors shared how they’ve witnessed this in their own lives. Vidya Balan added as an example, that if both she and her husband are on a call, people find it appropriate to interrupt her and not bother him at all. This is something that we come across so often on a daily basis, that we don’t even notice it at times. 

They feel that the man is working and for the woman, it doesn’t matter what we do.

-Vidya Balan to Quint


Shefali Shah added that the mentality exists in a lot of people, including our family members and the people who work for us. She also mentioned that the act is also normalized among children – when they are told to reach out to their mothers instead of their fathers, for everything.


Some people also reacted to the post, agreeing with what the actor had to say:


Women are naturally expected to run the lives of everyone around them, so much so, that most of what they do, goes unnoticed. And no, it shouldn’t come with the ‘job’. 

Watch the complete video here:

Women are people too – give it a thought.