Every time we think of Shekhar Suman, our minds inadvertently drift towards his show, Movers and Shakers, which was considered to be the peak of political satire on Indian Television at the time. That said, when you actually look back and revisit some of the videos, you realise just how poorly all of it has aged.  

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Case in point, this video of Suman interviewing Priyanka Chopra and constantly asking her about the ‘minimal clothes’ she wears and visibly making her uncomfortable. 

He literally asks Chopra, if all of Lara Dutta and her clothes fit in one tiny suitcase! I would cringe harder if I weren’t creeped out by it. And no matter how much the actress tries to deviate from the question and answer it with as much civility as is humanly possible, Suman keeps going back to objectifying her on national television, to the point of shaming her for wearing the clothes she chose to wear.  


Priyanka Chopra actually answers quite gracefully when Suman asks her why people think Indian women don’t look as good in ‘minimal clothes’ while foreigners do. She explains that her character in Andaaz is a modern woman who dresses the way she likes because that’s just how she is. 

BTW, Suman compliments on starting this new trend of looking good in minimal clothing and proceeds to ask her if she will continue with the trend!

Okay, I am spitballing there but that’s creepy, right? Who asks that? That’s not even flirting. That is weird and dare I say it again, C R E E P Y!

Redditors have been calling Suman out for this. 

Yikes! This is one step away from slut-shaming.  


If you would see or remember his “Movers and Shakers”, the questions were highly misogynistic and his behavior was borderline creepy. But the show caught the imagination of people and propelled him to immense popularity. He used to do what Kapil does now but he was never able to hide it(or maybe never tried) like how Kapil does with a veil of stupidity. To be fair to him, his political jokes and spoofs and shows like “Poll Khol” were really really good and they watched even more than actual political debates and that too for genuine reasons (and not his jokes), because that show would expose a politician more than any other media outlet would do.


I wish he’d ask Salman in the same vein why he’s topless in films.   


And we understand there are those who will play the Devil’s Advocate because they heard the phrase somewhere in a courtroom drama and say that the time was diferent and the lines we were not supposed to cross were different back then. 

Yeah, all that is absolute garbage. This line of questioning was never acceptable and it was our failure to be better people that we allowed this to fester and are still making excuses to justify such misogynistic behaviour.