Back when The Big Bang Theory started, nobody saw a character like Sheldon Cooper coming to life. A theoretical physicist by profession, he definitely didn’t look like the guy who would have us in splits with every word he uttered. 

However, soon, this arrogant and highly-asocial geek, with a clear lack of empathy, struggling his way through life had us cheering at every Bazinga!

From an elaborate roommate agreement to his favorite spot in the room, everything about Sheldon Cooper is extraordinary. And when it comes to humor, the man aces it with his dry wit and innovative expressions. Jim Parsons plays Sheldon so brilliantly that it is almost impossible to imagine the show without him now!

Here are 10 deadpan dialogues by Sheldon Cooper that are enough to remind you why he is the best guy on The Big Bang Theory:

Never change Sheldon. NEVER!

Designs by Utkarsh Tyagi