From time & now, Abhay Deol has always enthralled us with his movies and experimental roles. Not to forget how adorable his smile & dimples are.

But to whom does his heart belong? Well, he might have just given us some hint. 

Recently, he took to Instagram and shared some mushy  pictures with Shilo Shiv Suleman & many of us are convinced that they are dating. 

Moreover, it looks like Abhay just made his relationship official with Shilo as he shared some of their candid pictures that are just aesthetically perfect. 

He captioned the post saying, “Fluid, free, flowing, creative, soothing, fun, fearless, sensual, calming, inspiring, dynamic, talented, sexy. Oh, and Shilo Shiv Suleman is all of those things too!”

In the comments section, Shilo replied, saying, “Nothing taboo on this table. More adventures soon!”

Shilo is an activist and poet. She is also an Indian contemporary artist. Based in Bengaluru, Shilo brings out issues of many oppressed communities in the world through her art page Fearless Collective.

Her work mostly encompasses illustration and installation art. Working with 400 artists together, Shilo  aims to use art to voice the protest against gender violence.

She uses technology and Augmented Reality (AR) for her artwork and has created large-scale installations across the world.

Shilo was also selected as one of the three pioneering Indian women at TED Global. She has spoken at conferences like WIRED, DLD in London, and Munich.

Some of her work includes Khoya, Pulse, and Bloom, Studio B, and Fearless collective. Shilo also collaborated with St + Art for her mural in Lodhi Art District in Delhi.

St+ art

The rumours about the couple started doing rounds in March this year when he posted some clicks from her exhibition. 

Abhay, who has been quite vocal about some issues, has also promoted her art before. He says, “It was profound, it was transcendental, it was ethereal Shilo Shiv Suleman! You’re an amazing artist.”

So far, Abhay has not commented on this, but fans are already going gaga about it. 

Furthermore, Abhay Deol was recently seen in  ‘Spin’, where he played the role of a dad to Avantika Vandanapu. He has many more projects lined up. 

I think they both look adorable. Let us know what you think about this?