Back in 1975, director Ramesh Sippy decided to enthral audiences with what came to be known as one of the greatest Bollywood films of all time, Sholay. We all remember how in the end good triumphed over evil, as Thakur finally handed Gabbar over to the police.

But was that how the movie was really meant to end?

The answer to that would be no. The director’s original cut of Sholay has a different ending, along with some additional violent scenes, which concerned the Censor Board and they asked it to be edited. So a new ending had to be shot. For 15 years, audiences around the world had no idea about the real ending until the original, unedited version finally came out in a British release on VHS in 1990.

If you want to know what how the movie was really intended to end. Here is the video:

And yes, Thakur did this way before WWE made it cool.

Thakur was the real hero, hands down!