We live in a world where we are always ‘online’, connected to the world and yet find ourselves feeling very lonely. ‘Listener’ tries to capture that beautifully. This short film starring Kumud Mishra sees him play an ace storyteller to his daughter and a good listener to the world. 


Listening to a father’s disappointment with his son, a young woman’s simple achievements, a heartbroken man’s quest for social media validation, and a hundred other such frustrated souls, is the listener for hire, Kumud Mishra.

This short film by Tarun Dudeja explores a unique topic, that feels abrupt in the beginning, till you begin to accept it, and slowly, even desire it. 

In fact, more than one person has commented on the video on how, they too, would pay for someone to listen to them. 

Because in a world where tagging is the voice of the generation, conversations have become an art of the past. 

Which is why, the slight gestures that convey that a random stranger is actually listening to you, feel so comforting. 

What truly sets the short film apart is the slight twist in the end, that lends perhaps a dark humor to an otherwise straightforward idea- or as the movie quotes in the end, 

A good listener is usually thinking about something else.

With talented performances in movies like Rockstar, Jolly LLB 2, Rustom, Airlift etc. under his belt, Kumud Mishra easily aces the role of a father, who is a storyteller for his daughter, but a listener for a room full of strangers. 

The film also stars Yusuf Hussain, Shashank Arora (of Titli fame) and Shivani Tanksale. 

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