As children, we grow up believing that our parents are invincible. But when we grow into adults, the realization that they are aging is not an easy pill to swallow. 

But what happens when the roles of a parent and child are reversed, and we become caretakers for the very people who helped us grow? That is exactly the question that Sheetal Menon’s short film, Siblings, poses. 

Siblings, starring Shivani Tanksale and Sheetal Menon in lead roles, shows the story of two sisters struggling against financial burdens, familial responsibilities, and personal problems. At the crux of it all lays their father, who has been in a coma for 18 months and is on life support. 

The two sisters, who live with their elderly grandmother and ailing father, are often at loggerheads with each other over how their life has come to a standstill, due to their circumstances. And while both battle with the idea of ‘pulling the plug’, ultimately, they are not the ones who take that decision. 

The film slowly hooks your attention, even if it appears clichéd in parts. However, it’s the unexpected twist at the end and Shivani and Sheetal’s powerful performances that remain the highlights of the film. 

No matter how old we may grow up to be, we always seek a parent’s support. Perhaps this is why, it is so challenging when it falls on us to support our parents and take decisions for this life, and in this case, death. You can watch the film here: 

The film also won four awards, for Best Director (Fiction), Best Film (Fiction), Best Actress, and Best Writing, at the Critic’s Choice Shorts and Series Awards, hosted by Film Critics Guild. 

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