No matter how much we love FRIENDS, I’m sure almost all of you would have felt angry and hurt at the same time when Joey was made to fall in love with Rachel, only for it to amount to nothing. Apart from being the fan favourite, Joey was truly an innocent person and the most selfless friend. Inevitably, the show runners were rooting for a Rachel and Ross ending and as unfair as it sounds, the Joey plot was just a distraction.

However, for everyone out there who believes Rachel and Joey make way more sense than Rachel and Ross, Twitter user @clairewillett  mirrors your thoughts and justifies their relationship in the best way possible.

Her foremost argument is that Joey and Rachel’s relationship was built on friendship and it evolved over time.

Rachel and Joey’s relationship was platonic from the beginning, they shared a genuine friendship.

He let her do things which might even embarrass him just for the sake of her happiness.

Rachel and Joey were comfortable with each other and they could be their own silly selves together.

There’s a difference between loving someone and being over possessive. Ross just couldn’t help being jealous of Mark.

Joey is the one who actually understood what Rachel wanted and always reminded Ross that he had to respect how she felt.

Everyone supported Ross’s obsession with Rachel just because he had loved her since so long which is some messed up logic.

Joey had been shown as a womanizer since the beginning of the show and thus it was really a big deal when he fell in love with someone not for the sex.

His love for her had stemmed out of genuine friendship and he respects her feelings even when she doesn’t reciprocate.

We see Joey’s mature side when he is turned down. He tries to act casually even though it’s killing him.

Ross never gave Rachel due credit for the effort she put in for her career, in fact, he considered himself intellectually superior.

Joey always looked out for Rachel and supported her in her career when she needed it the most.

Ross never understood why Rachel’s career was so important to her. He was tired of having a relationship with her answering machine!

Rachel was maxed out at her current office and she needed something more, everyone understood and supported her.

Ross was being plain selfish when Rachel wanted to move to Paris for her career, he always portrayed her career as a roadblock to their relationship.

Joey is the most selfless person in the group and he was so fond of Rachel as a roommate that he didn’t mind living with a baby.

Living with Rachel changes him almost completely. He always had a heart of gold but this made him sensible too.

Rachel had had a strict upbringing and a stricter roommate in Monica, but it was Joey who showed her it was okay to be disorganized.

The basic difference between Joey and Ross is:

Rachel and Joey thought on similar lines and never judged each other for being imperfect, like this time in Barbados:

For Ross getting Rachel almost felt like a prize that was long overdue because he was in a one-sided love story since his teenage years.

Joey actually fell in love with their friendship. He lived with her, got to know her and realized that Rachel was perfect for him.

I’m sure your whole perspective about Joey and Rachel’s relationship has changed. This could infact be a major twist and different from the general norm, but alas!

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